Voctro Labs, S.L. created the Voiceful toolbox, which uses speech to invent new methods of expressing oneself. It functions by converting verbal input into text using voice recognition technology, enabling users to quickly and easily record their thoughts.

Additionally, the toolkit offers users a wide range of features like editable templates, automatic transcription, and tools for natural language processing.

The use of Voiceful is governed by the General Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of Voctro Labs and is intended to improve communication. The contents of the toolkit are protected by Voctro Labs’ intellectual and industrial property rights, and any usage that has not been expressly approved by the business is absolutely prohibited.

The user is solely responsible for any damages caused by the toolkit’s use, and Voctro Labs disclaims any liability for any incorrect use of the toolkit.

Users should visit Google’s privacy policy for further details on how the toolkit uses cookies from Google Analytics.


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