Forethought’s SupportGPTTM is a generative AI platform for customer assistance that uses OpenAI’s Large Language Models to power dynamic, human-like responses.

By optimizing the models based on a company’s conversational history, the platform may uncover support coverage gaps, automate workflow discovery, and reduce case volume by creating new knowledge articles.

SupportGPTTM uses generative AI to provide agents with fully-formed proposed answers that are based on the context of each ticket. For businesses aiming to improve customer assistance through intelligent automation, efficiency, and accuracy, this tool is perfect.

SupportGPTTM features processes that are specifically designed for various industries, like e-commerce, SaaS, FinTech, and travel, and is fully connected with a company’s conversation history.

The generative AI platform from Forethought can produce proactive insights and forecast, prioritize, and route tickets to benefit various enterprises. In order to provide effective management of customer assistance across platforms, SupportGPTTM also provides connections with a variety of support systems, including Salesforce, Zendesk, and Freshdesk.

SupportGPTTM can revolutionize the customer experience by offering sympathetic and human-like dialogues that change based on the client’s circumstances by utilizing the power of generative AI.

In conclusion, SupportGPTTM is an effective solution that may assist companies in automating customer care in a clever and effective manner, thereby enhancing client pleasure and loyalty.

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