Akool AGI Content Platform

For merchants on the e-commerce platform, Akool AGI Content Platform is an AI-powered application that provides a one-stop shop for producing product descriptions of high-quality in text, image, voice, and video using AIGC.

The platform provides a number of options, including virtual 3D avatars, character designs, image and video customisation, personalisation, and AI magic tools for quicker content creation. It also gives marketing articles, product descriptions, titles, and taglines.

With the help of AI algorithms, the tool can generate and edit product titles, descriptions, and images as well as produce interesting product films that can include narration and text-to-video animation.

Additionally, it provides the option to translate keywords into blogs, long-form descriptions, and other marketing materials. According to their specs and preferences, users can create personalized product photos, add voiceovers with high-quality narration, and employ effects, filters, and LUTs to match their branding and aesthetic.

Users of the Akool AGI Content Platform can customize their experience by preserving previous interactions and receiving personalized recommendations based on their own requirements and interests.

The platform also enables companies to quickly alter and adapt their product images utilizing tools like face swap and image/video background alteration for various regions and audiences.

Users who want to improve their materials can work with the Akool team on everything from writing captivating product descriptions to creating the best possible product photos and videos.


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