The website AutoGPT offers a free interface for the ChatGPT API with support for the prompt library and chat history. To utilise the AutoGPT app in their browser, users can log in using their Google accounts.

A task manager is available on the internet, where users can add forthcoming tasks, add new tasks, and modify the task model. An autonomous chatbot using GPT-4-inspired models is called AutoGPT.

Users that wish to create conversational agents or chatbots using GPT models but lack the technical know-how or infrastructure to set up their own API are the target audience for the website.

Users of AutoGPT can use the prompt library to build conversational flows with support for chat history while running the API in their browser. Overall, AutoGPT makes it easier for users to create chatbots utilising GPT models by giving them a user-friendly frontend for the ChatGPT API.

It makes it simple for people and companies to build chatbots for a range of uses, including customer service, language learning, and entertainment.

It’s crucial to remember that AutoGPT is a free programme and might not be as feature- and scalability-rich as commercial alternatives.

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