Users can build distinctive avatars with, an AI-powered avatar creator, by choosing from a variety of images. The user uploads up to 20 images of oneself, including full-body, chest-up, and close-ups of the face, to create an avatar.

To help the AI create a more authentic avatar, the images should be taken while wearing multiple outfits and at various angles, with diverse expressions, and in various poses. After the photos are uploaded, the AI starts learning from them and creates more than 200 unique avatars in various looks.

When the images are prepared, notifies the user via email and includes a link to the project. The created photographs can be downloaded and shared on social media with friends for a period of 30 days.

The service is 29 dollars in price. There isn’t a free trial available, which is unfortunate. Once the AI starts training, the user is unable to edit the uploaded photos, but they are still able to buy more credits and start a new project from scratch.

The authenticity of the AI-generated photos cannot be guaranteed by, and the user may see artistic nudes or other undesirable stuff. If this occurs, the user can get in touch with and offer feedback.

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