The text-to-speech voices created by DupDub are lifelike and come in a variety of languages and dialects. It can instantly create audio from text and has over 300 human-like voices and 400+ styles to choose from.

For audio artists to have more control over the audio quality, DupDub additionally provides tools like Alias, Phoneme, Say As, Emphasis, Multiple Speakers, Rhythm, Pause, Background Music, etc.

Additionally, it provides a variety of export formats, including WAV (lossless) and MP3 files for audio creators as well as MP4 files with and without subtitles and corresponding SRT files for video creators.

Additionally, DupDub provides productivity tools like Transcription, Translation, Subtitle Alignment, and Video Download that are intended for video creators. Due to a 3-day free trial and a 14-day return guarantee, customers can create compelling voiceovers with DupDub on the top text-to-speech platform without taking any risks.


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