An AI-based program called OpenAi-bot offers users nine different AI assistants for work, study, and daily life. By giving users access to competent assistants who can handle a variety of activities, the app is intended to enable users to accomplish more with less effort.

The application gives bots a personality using a Gpt-4 pro assistant, making interactions with them more interesting and efficient. Users can access the app’s functionalities by logging in for free.Among the assistants on OpenAi-bot are Linus, a senior engineer in charge of managing challenging software projects, and Bob, a general assistant who may support and assist with a variety of duties and responsibilities.

Other helpers include Bernard, a French chef adept at using a variety of ingredients to make attractive and delectable dishes, and Jess, an Apple marketer who can design and execute effective marketing campaigns.Additionally, OpenAi-bot has features like Bert, who can draw flowcharts, and Lisa, a talented UX/UI designer with an acute attention to detail and a thorough comprehension of user behavior.

Users will also gain from the app’s ability to analyze data and offer interesting insights, according to the Dwight assistant in the tool.The program is often updated, and the roadmap includes ideas for incorporating the bots into users’ websites and enabling Lisa to produce designs.

Users can leverage AI technology to do more with the aid of OpenAi-bot.

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