An AI chatbot tool called SiteGPT can be customized for each website. Your chatbot is trained to provide prompt and accurate answers using the material on your website.

With the tool, you can build your own AI chatbot without writing any code. Simply enter your website URL to create the chatbot, and the tool will automatically fetch all of your website’s webpages and display them to you.

By clicking the “Start Training” button, you can then choose the websites you want the chatbot to be taught on. Once trained, your chatbot will be able to instantly respond to any queries about the information on your website.

This can greatly enhance the user experience on your website by giving users prompt answers to their questions. Any size business can use SiteGPT, which doesn’t require technical knowledge.

The product also offers a customizable and cost-effective pricing structure. A contact page, terms & conditions page, and refund policy are all available on the website.

Overall, SiteGPT is an easy-to-use application that can improve the user experience of your website by quickly and precisely responding to visitors’ questions.

It is a great alternative for companies trying to enhance client happiness and customer service.

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