Chat On

ChatOn is an AI-powered chatbot assistant available on the App Store that enables users to engage in conversations with a virtual agent programmed to respond to natural language input and provide personalized assistance. Users can download the ChatOn app on their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and access a variety of features, including customizable chat […]


An artificial intelligence (AI) assistant called FloatingAI is accessible through Google Play and can provide customers tailored recommendations based on the data seen on their phone screens. It can assist with activities like presenting comments from a supporter’s or adversary’s perspective on social media pages, summarizing or extracting significant elements from any content, or suggesting […]


Users may quickly and simply evaluate data saved in CSV or TSV files with the AskCSV AI-powered tool. Even new users can rapidly ask inquiries about their data and receive insights in a matter of seconds thanks to an intuitive interface and clear instructions. Users of the application can carry out a variety of data […]


ZipZap.AI, created by OpenAI, is a free, cross-browser extension driven by the ChatGPT API. The program is designed to serve as a user’s personal AI assistant, information resource, and workplace tool. An artificial intelligence chatbot called ChatGPT can talk with users and offer solutions and support in response to their queries and demands. It can […]


An open-source UI client called Prompta is made specifically for interacting with ChatGPT (and GPT-4). This program has features including the ability to sync discussions between your various devices and store all of your chats locally, making it simple to search through them. With Prompta, you can access ease and productivity right at your fingertips […]


A UI component called ChatKit adds new capabilities to the ChatGPT interface to enhance the user experience. Users can smoothly interact with ChatGPT thanks to the tool’s honed and polished UI. A new chat function, a frequently asked questions (FAQ) part, a changelog section, and a feedback area are among the extra features of ChatKit. […]


Cuely is a desktop tool with AI support and a Slack app made to help teams perform more effectively and feel their best at work. It includes a variety of tools that let users quickly draft messages, answers, and reports, check spelling and grammar, condense lengthy texts into their main points, translate between any languages, […]

Typing Mind

An AI tool called TypingMind improves ChatGPT’s capability. ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that helps users with a variety of tasks. Users can benefit from quicker response times, access to built-in research tools, a prompt library, and more with TypingMind. TypingMind lets users operate the application locally on their browser without requesting any login information, […]


An AI-powered tool called ChatMind.Tech was created to increase the effectiveness of creating mind maps. Users of the tool can access excellent and insightful mind map solutions. Users of ChatMind.Tech can create mind maps using a variety of tools, including a one-click presentation frame, brainstorming, project management, scheduling, note summary, and even by speaking to […]

Chatpad AI

A user interface tool called Chatpad AI was created for ChatGPT, an AI-driven conversational platform that makes use of GPT-4 technology. An elegant and simple user interface is provided by Chatpad AI for Chats, Prompts, and New Chats. It is an open-source utility that may be downloaded for nothing from GitHub. Since the software is […]