GitWit is an AI-powered tool for software development that allows developers to accelerate their coding process by using natural language to prompt code generation and modification. It seamlessly integrates with modern developer tools and large language models to spawn and modify codebases using a single prompt. GitWit is primarily aimed at full-stack developers and can […]

Code Converter

An online AI-powered application called The Code Language Converter was created to swiftly translate code fragments between different programming languages. It can quickly translate TypeScript source code into Java, or the other way around. By copying and pasting the code into the provided text box and choosing the source and target programming languages, users are […]

Code Translator

An AI-powered tool called the Code Translator was created to translate code from one language to another. The tool analyzes the input code and produces a translated version in the target language using AI technology, more precisely GPT-3.5 or GPT-4. The tool supports an extensive range of input and output programming languages, including Visual Basic […]


The educational artificial intelligence (AI) program Caktus automates schoolwork so that students can save time and pursue their interests. It provides a variety of AI-driven services, including an essay writer, a paragraph generator, discussion questions, a personal statement writer, YouTube to Essay, text summarization, and a variety of coding writers for Python, Java, C#, Javascript, […]


Developers may automatically document their codebases in real-time with Stenography, an AI-powered codebase documenter. It makes use of a robust API, Stack Overflow Suggestions, linked documentation, and the ability to pass in code and receive a response with an explanation in simple English. Additionally, it has a number of extensions that can be used to […]


The AI-driven debugging tool Adrenaline was created by OpenAI Codex. Developers can easily find and correct coding problems thanks to it. It functions by determining the main reason for the problem, such as a missing semicolon or improper syntax, and then offering a fix that may be applied to the code. Users can inspect the […]


Users can easily and precisely correct coding and spelling errors using Coadfiller, an AI code fixer. It has a low cost, processes code and paragraphs quickly, and runs in the background. There are three pricing tiers for the tool: Basic, Premium, and Gold. 50 monthly requests are included in Basic, 100 monthly requests are included […]


A computer program called UNCODE-IT makes coding easier for users by summarizing or explaining the code. The site allows users to paste their code, hit the “UNCODE” button, and get a clear analysis of the code. With the help of this tool, coding should be simpler and more user-friendly. A summary or explanation of the […]


An AI-based program called Mancoding creates realistic and high-quality digital art from text instructions. The platform makes gorgeous visuals out of any given written description using a text-to-image diffusion model. Users can make artwork using their PCs, tablets, or mobile devices thanks to mancoding, which enables a limitless range of creative alternatives. The application creates […]


Powered by artificial intelligence, Lightly is a cloud-based integrated development environment (IDE) that provides a full range of programming tools, hosting, and deployment options. With Lightly, programmers can create code without having to worry about configuring environments on any platform, whether a desktop, browser, or iPad. Has built-in support for common databases including PostgreSQL, MySQL, […]