With solutions for Enterprise Search, Ecommerce Search, Chatbots, Support Ticketing, and Knowledge Management, Inbenta is a world leader in AI and NLU (natural language understanding) technology. Cookiebot, an online service that uses cookies to customise content, offer social media features, evaluate website traffic, and enable user consent, powers the company’s software.While preference cookies keep track […]

Digital Genius

An eCommerce platform driven by AI called DigitalGenius was created to automate customer support procedures, improve the customer experience, and cut expenses. It has capabilities like AI picture recognition, text recognition technologies, and 60+ pre-built use cases for eCommerce that are tailored exclusively for eCommerce and retail organisations. The platform has an integrated dashboard for […]


OneContact Suite is a collaborative omnichannel contact centre software that promises to equip contact centres with simple AI capabilities to improve customer interaction. By combining CRM, voice analytics, and other cutting-edge features like gamification, workforce optimisation, and agent scripting, the platform is intended to streamline customer interactions. OneContact Suite also provides call centre as a […]


Sapling is an AI messaging assistant created to boost customer-facing employees’ efficiency and response quality. It connects with well-known messaging services and CRMs to offer agents real-time options for personalised responses. With a single click, Sapling SuggestTM can get pertinent answers from a team response bank, and Autocomplete EverywhereTM offers deep learning-powered autocomplete suggestions on […]


Knowledge management (KM) platform Knowmax offers AI-powered features to enhance customer interaction and communication. The platform provides a number of tools, including decision trees, visual device instructions, learning management, and knowledge base software, to streamline complicated corporate processes and improve client self-service options. The AI features of the platform allow for quicker and more customised […]


With the help of Dasha, an AI-as-a-service platform, developers may incorporate true-to-life speech and text conversational capabilities into their applications or goods. To develop conversational apps for web, desktop, mobile, and call centres, the platform only requires a single integration. DashaScript, a declarative programming language, is used to create intricate discussions that pass the Turing […]


The AI customer service tool from Netomi offers an innovative platform that goes beyond conventional chatbots to give enterprise-level organisations automated customer service and support. By automatically addressing up to 80% of routine customer inquiries in real-time, the technology attempts to take care of the clients that businesses have fought so hard to gain. An […]


EBI.AI is a platform for AI assistants that gives companies an intelligent response to customer care and support issues. The platform can be set up in just a few minutes and is intended to answer up to 85% of regular inquiries right away. The platform has a number of functions, including text-to-speech, natural language processing, […]


An effective AI-driven customer service platform called is meant to automate and streamline customer service procedures. It automatically routes incoming tickets and offers sentiment, language, and topic identification, enabling businesses to cut expenses and boost productivity. With, businesses can integrate Salesforce, HubSpot, Zendesk, Outlook, and Zapier while still using their current CRM software […]


An AI integration tool called Aide makes it possible for customer support employees to work more productively by giving them a smart overview of customer problems, facilitating quicker response times, and boosting customer happiness. Aide recognises prevalent problems and proposes solutions for quicker answers using machine learning technologies and intelligent ideas. With the help of […]