Software development teams can use a technology called AI-powered data analytics to swiftly find the answers to their inquiries regarding their data. With this tool, you may communicate directly in the code, use an AI assistant to assist with queries and searches, and use a lightning-fast editor that learns from each query you make. Additionally, […]


With the help of Datature, teams and businesses can quickly create computer vision apps without writing any code. There are three parts to the platform: Nexus, IntelliBrush, and Portal. On a single no-code platform, Nexus is the central platform that enables users to interact, annotate, train, and deploy various computer vision models. With only a […]

Base64 AI

An AI-powered data extraction tool called is intended to extract text, data, handwriting, images, and signatures from numerous different sorts of documents. It can process hundreds of different document kinds from all around the world, including identification cards, driver licences, passports, visas, receipts, invoices, and forms. Cookiebot, a third-party service that aids in content […]


The analytics application Jeeves uses artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver presentation-quality graphics and quick Google Analytics reporting. Users don’t need to employ complex spreadsheet formulae while using Jeeves; they can ask queries in plain English and get answers in a matter of seconds. Additionally, the tool provides AI-generated summaries and suggested analysis questions. Users may […]


By automatically analysing call notes and producing sales materials that are specific to the needs of the buyer, Meeple is a potent AI assistant that aids sales teams in closing more deals. Meeple records your sales calls and pulls out the important data needed to create customised one-pagers for your customers. With the help of […]

DB Pilot

DB Pilot is a modern database GUI enhanced by AI, offering a range of features to simplify and streamline SQL operations. With the help of an AI assistant powered by GPT-3.5, users can write SQL queries using natural language, convert between code and SQL, and explain complex queries. The tool also includes an embedded DuckDB […]


A cloud-native document processing solution called DocumentPro employs artificial intelligence to extract invoices from photos and PDFs and export them as CSV files. The programme makes it simple to extract invoice data from image and PDF files, including party information, payment terms, and item information. Compared to human data entry and standard OCR, it is […]


Users of the database application TableTalk can communicate with their database as if they were speaking to a human by using artificial intelligence (AI). It interprets user inquiries and produces responses using natural language processing. Users may easily join tables, create SQL queries, and obtain the information they require because to the interface’s simple design […]

JackRabbit Ops

JackRabbit Ops is an AI Documentation Software that helps businesses efficiently create and manage their process documentation. It is powered by Artificial Intelligence that quickly and accurately generates process documentation in just 24 hours. With JackRabbit Ops, businesses are able to add data from templates, import, video and chat to create processes that train the […]

Findly AI

Users can quickly get accurate, actionable data insights with’s AI-powered chatbot for data warehouses without having to understand Python or SQL. Business people can ask queries in plain English and get clear answers thanks to natural language processing technologies. As a result, there is no longer a need to rely on individual data specialists, […]