Upsell Email Sequence

Introduction An upsell email sequence is a series of emails that a business sends to a customer after they have made a purchase, with the goal of encouraging the customer to upgrade their purchase or buy additional products. The purpose of the upsell email sequence is to increase the customer’s order value and generate more […]

Welcome Email Sequence

Introduction A welcome email sequence is a series of automated emails that are sent to new subscribers or customers shortly after they sign up or make a purchase. The purpose of a welcome email sequence is to introduce the subscriber or customer to your brand, build trust, and set expectations for future communication. Typically, a […]

Win-Back Email Sequence

Introduction A win-back email sequence is a marketing strategy used by businesses to re-engage inactive or lost customers. The goal of a win-back email sequence is to remind the customer of the value of the product or service, and to encourage them to make a purchase or take action to re-engage with the business. The […]

Outsourcing Emails – Hiring Freelancers

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Outsourcing Emails – Craiglist Outsourcing

📬Subject 1: OUTSOURCE Your Way to Success in YEAR! (and make more sales…)📬Subject 2: The 7 Secrets to Getting More Done in Less Time… (and turn more profit…)📬Subject 3: 7 Steps to Expand, Grow and Scale Your Online Business in YEAR (here’s how…)   Outsourcing and hiring people is a sign that your company is […]

Product Creation Emails – Public Domain

📬Subject 1: How to Legally Steal Other People’s Content and Cash in with it!📬Subject 2: How To LEGALLY Steal Other People’s Work (and use for your own…)📬Subject 3: Don’t like writing but need content fast?… Try this…   How would you like to spawn an INFINITE series of potential bestsellers or your own – in […]

Product Creation Emails – Personal Service

📬Subject 1: Get Personal Service Profits (get $97-$497 PayPal payments or more…)📬Subject 2: How to Get Paid $100-$500 or more Selling Your Services…📬Subject 3: Struggling to sell your digital products? Try this…   The internet can be one volatile place. Markets can change, sales can fluctuate and so can your income…   That’s why it’s […]

Product Creation Emails – Launch Formula

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Product Creation Emails – Info product Academy

📬Subject 1: Underground Marketer Reveals Secrets to Make Profitable Products!📬Subject 2: The Secrets to 7-Figure Product Launches Revealed! (how-to videos inside…)📬Subject 3: 7-Figure Marketer Reveals Secrets to Profitable Products in 5 Days…   It’s obvious that more and more people are coming online to seek out information on the internet. They not only do research, […]

Product Creation Emails – Factory Production

📬Subject 1: Create Products within a Few Hours (step-by-step course reveals show…)📬Subject 2: Can you really make a brand new product in a few hours?…📬Subject 3: Fast Digital Product Creation Method Revealed… (in few hours…)   Do you sometimes avoid creating one altogether because you think it should be best left to the professionals?…   […]