A website called is committed to using artificial intelligence to produce art. It provides a blog, an active Twitter account, and a gallery of AI-generated photos. The blog contains tutorials on how to make AI music videos using the Stable Diffusion AI text-to-image model. This model can be used to produce spectacular music videos […]


AIVA is a music-composing tool driven by AI that creates original and customised music for diverse tasks. It is intended for creative people, including professionals, amateur musicians, and game developers. By utilising the power of AI-generated music, AIVA helps songwriters produce captivating themes for their projects more quickly. Composers can choose from a variety of […]


Boomy is a platform for AI-powered music creation that enables users to easily produce their own original songs. The platform offers a variety of tools that make it simple to create music and is intended for both beginning and seasoned musicians. Users may customise their tunes and produce something wholly original thanks to Boomy’s AI […]

Amadeus Code

Amadeus Code is a songwriting aid driven by artificial intelligence that was developed by Amadeus Code Inc. It is a user-friendly tool that assists songwriters in coming up with fresh concepts and turning them into full songs. It offers users a sizable collection of AI-produced, royalty-free music, as well as a number of tools to […]


An AI-driven tool for creating punchlines for rap music is called Raplyrics. The programme employs AI algorithms to generate original rap lyrics in the user’s favourite artist’s vein. A rap punchline will be generated for users based on a few words they enter into the prompt supplied. The blog portion of the website also offers […]

Natural Language Playlist

Abelardo Riojas, a graduate student in data science, developed the AI-generated mixtape platform known as Natural Language Playlist. Based on user-specified questions, it creates playlists using Transformer language models. It has the capacity to comprehend and interpret songs with intricate musical arrangements and lyrical themes as well as current trends from various eras. The goal […]


Quasi Ventures Inc. is an AI marketplace that helps creators unlock the power of AI with their easy-to-use platform. It offers a wide range of tools to help users create stunning content, write better, and become the next-gen artist. From IG Caption Writers to Oil Painting Generators, Quasi provides tools to help users create the […]


LALAL.AI is an AI-powered track eliminator for vocal and instrumental songs. Users can quickly and precisely separate vocal and instrumental tracks from any audio file with this tool. The service makes use of the ground-breaking Phoenix algorithm, which is a proprietary technology. It has the ability to produce stem separation results of greater quality and […]


By using up to 10 distinct instruments, OpenAI’s MuseNet deep neural network can produce 4-minute musical compositions. It incorporates elements of various musical genres, including country, Mozart, and the Beatles. It is built on the same all-purpose unsupervised technology as GPT-2, a massive transformer model trained to anticipate the following token in a sequence, whether […]


An AI-powered software engine called Musico creates music based on human input. It has the ability to respond to gestures, motion, codes, and other sounds. Musico creates music that is free of copyright and in a range of styles using a combination of conventional and cutting-edge machine learning techniques. It can be used for AI-assisted […]