Infinite Drum Machine

The Google Creative Lab members Kyle McDonald, Manny Tan, Yotam Mann, and others developed The Infinite Drum Machine as an AI-powered tool. With assistance from the London Philharmonia Orchestra, users may make beats utilising sounds from the daily environment. The open-source code is a component of the A.I. Experiments project and is accessible on GitHub. […]

Hotpot AI

An AI-driven platform called offers customers templates and tools to help them produce stunning graphics, images, and text. It includes an AI Art Generator to encourage creativity and automate chores like making app icons, marketing graphics, social media posts, mockups of devices, and more. The AI Headshot Generator allows users to produce headshots and […]


An AI-driven music plugin called Emergent Drums from Audialab creates original drum samples from scratch. The plugin can generate an infinite amount of royalty-free drum samples using cutting-edge artificial intelligence. For music producers and songwriters who wish to develop distinctive and excellent drum sounds, the plugin is perfect. It is also fantastic for musicians who […]


Users may rapidly master their songs to a commercial reference track with Songmastr, an AI-based automatic song mastering service. The service is driven by the open source library Matchering and is free for up to seven songs each week. The method mimics the user-selected reference track’s RMS, FR, peak amplitude, and stereo width. Simply upload […]

Tunes for Tales

Finding the ideal song to match a narrative or mood is simple with the help of the AI tool Tunes for Tales. Up to five songs are suggested using machine learning to choose the ones that best express the story or emotion of the user. The tool is still in the testing phase and might […]


Staccato is a generative AI music and lyrics firm that aids songwriters in overcoming block, discovering new compositional techniques, or finding inspiration. It offers AI-powered tools for writing lyrics, integrating DAWs, and creating music. Users can upload MIDI files for music composition and alter parameters to have Staccato create new music in the same key, […]


Splash is an AI platform designed to bring the joy of music making to everyone. Its AI-powered tools allow users to create original music and sing lyrics to any melody. The platform also hosts a virtual music festival, which combines music and gameplay. Additionally, Splash App on iOS and Android allows users to make and […]


An AI-powered application called Songtell enables users to explore the nuances of their favourite tunes. Users can utilise Songtell to learn the real meanings behind the lyrics they adore. The programme has a database of artificial intelligence-generated song meanings that may be filtered by artist name. As of this writing, the repository contains 39,148 entries. […]


Creators of material and musicians can generate an unlimited number of tracks on the Soundful AI Music Generator platform, which also allows them to monetise their work. It offers consumers a one-of-a-kind, cost-free method of instantly creating musical tracks. The platform’s AI is capable of producing top-notch tunes in a range of genres, including EDM, […]


An AI music generator called Soundraw assists producers in creating original music for their works. It is an effective tool for both original music creation and song customization to match the demands of your project. Users can create personalised music by selecting from a range of genres, moods, and lengths. Soundraw enables producers to compose […]