Cyanite AI

Cyanite is an efficient music search and tagging engine that makes use of artificial intelligence to listen to millions of songs and classify them into appropriate categories in a matter of minutes. This enables users to provide the appropriate musical material for a variety of use cases. It provides tagging, audio-based Similarity Search, keyword search, […]

Orb Plugins

The Orb Producer Suite 3 is a collection of four plugins that are driven by artificial intelligence computing. It includes Chords, Melody, Bass, and Arpeggios plugins that allow users with a limitless number of musical patterns and chord progressions, as well as dozens of presets, AI tools, and tonalities and keys to choose from. The […]


Mubert is a platform that allows content producers, developers, and marketers to originate, create, and access music without having to pay any royalties. It provides content producers, developers, and businesses with the ability to make music, contribute to it, and listen to it through the use of a variety of products, including Mubert Render, Mubert […]


Boomy is a music automation platform driven by AI that enables users to quickly produce and save unique songs before uploading them to all of the top streaming services and online retailers across the world. Users of Boomy may add vocals, edit the production of their songs, and earn a portion of the royalties when […]

Moises AI

Musicians may perform in any key and at any pace with their favourite artists with the AI-powered software Moises. It has the ability to cut out instruments and voices from songs, modify the pitch, speed up or slow down the music, enable metronome counts, and instantly recognise chords. Additionally, it enables users to change the […]


Learn about Endel, a revolutionary software that changes your surroundings with custom soundtracks. Endel has you covered whether you need to concentrate, unwind, sleep, or increase your productivity. Utilising AI, it develops adaptable, real-time sound compositions that are in line with your mood, location, and biometric information. With a sizable collection of painstakingly created soundscapes, […]

Playlist AI

Have you become weary of putting hours into creating the ideal playlist? PlaylistAI is the only place to look! Our ground-breaking software uses artificial intelligence to generate playlists that are specifically catered to your individual musical preferences. PlaylistAI analyses your listening habits and mood with only a few clicks, then recommends a carefully selected playlist […]


Are you prepared to go off on a remarkable audio journey? Your entrance to an unforgettable musical experience is Discover a large selection of songs from different genres that have been painstakingly chosen to enchant your senses. Experience the music firsthand by submerging yourself in top-notch soundscapes that take you to other realms. […]

SeaNet MusicLM

Are you prepared to go on a remarkable musical journey? A unique platform to investigate the limitless potential of music is provided by SeaNet MusicLM. You can write, experiment, and produce music like never before using its cutting-edge language paradigm. SeaNet MusicLM offers an easy-to-use interface to create melodies, harmonies, and compositions that excite musicians […]

Vocal Remover

Do you want to improve the quality of your music listening? Check out right away! A straightforward yet effective solution to remove voices from your favourite music is available on our website. will help you whether you want to make karaoke versions, remix tunes, or concentrate on instrumental parts. Any song may be […]