How2 is an AI program that suggests shell commands for the Unix Terminal by utilizing AI models. The website claims that the tool uses a number of AI models that have been retrained on Bash/Zsh commands to assist users in swiftly creating Bash scripts.

How2 also offers choices but never executes a command that the user inputs, guaranteeing a secure experience. If a query is regarded to constitute code injection or misuse, it may be refused.

Users can also include additional keywords, such as “FOR LOOP,” “BASH SCRIPT,” or “ONE LINER,” at the end of instructions to further hone their search results using AI models.

Additionally, How2 tries to remain free for the majority of users and provides five free queries per day, though there is an option to subscribe for more advantages.

When the -s option is passed, the tool can additionally search StackOverflow via Google. It functions well with PowerShell and comprehends context, making it a platform-neutral tool.

Through the website’s links, How2 can be downloaded for a number of operating systems, including MacOSX, Ubuntu/Debian, and Windows. In conclusion, How2 is an artificial intelligence-powered tool that offers shell commands for the Unix Terminal and enables users to quickly write Bash scripts.

It provides secure and beneficial results and is readily available across a variety of platforms.

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