AnimatedDrawings by Meta

By animating characters to walk around, META AI Research’s Animated artwork AI application lets users bring their kids’ artwork to life.

For the programme to run, users must enable JavaScript, which is used by this utility. Based on the information in the submitted drawings, the programme generates the animations.This tool’s objective is to provide kids a fun and engaging method to watch their drawings come to life.

Children can use this application as a learning tool to grasp fundamental animation ideas, and it can give them a creative outlet to let their imaginations run wild.

The fact that a form for user feedback is available on the page suggests that the tool may still be in the prototype or testing stages. Links to the tool’s Privacy Policy and Cookies page are also provided on the website, which explains that cookies are used to improve user experience and maintain tabs on user preferences.

Overall, Animated Drawings is a straightforward and approachable AI application that breathes life into illustrations and may be utilised as a teaching tool for kids.

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