Quicky AI

By utilizing the power of ChatGPT, Quicky AI is an AI application that streamlines and improves the user’s productivity. With its convenient prompt roles, the tool is simple to use and can be incorporated on any website.

Any text field can be used by users to enter text, and ChatGPT will quickly respond. Quicky AI operates everything locally and accepts the user’s own OpenAI key for use.

For a one-time fee, you can access history and have lifetime access. Custom roles, shortcuts, and many other features will soon be available with Quicky AI.

For a short time, Quicky AI is offered as a pre-launch offer for $39 dollars. By visiting the URL mentioned in the description, users can pre-book the instrument.

The tool’s creators can be reached via their Twitter account, and a FAQ section is offered to help users with any inquiries. In general, Quicky AI is a useful and efficient solution that makes using AI simpler, enabling users to work more effectively and productively.

Because it can operate without an internet connection, its users will experience faster performance and more security.


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