Users can browse and make flashcards with LitGrades, an AI-powered application for studying or learning new material. The resource, which is geared towards Grade 10 pupils, provides a deck of flashcards for every subject, including ultraviolet catastrophe, impetigo, and strategic communication.

Through the app, users may access and view the decks. Additionally, users can build their own flashcard sets utilising the platform’s AI-generated flashcards.

By using artificial intelligence (AI), LitGrades gives customers accurate and practical flashcards. Users can sign up or log in to the tool’s user-friendly design to access the app’s different functions.

LitGrades also gives users the option to use the platform to investigate work that is older than Grade 10. Through an effective and efficient method, LitGrades seeks to assist students in their study and learning process.

With features like personalised flashcards, AI-powered content, and a user-friendly design, LitGrades is a dependable and approachable AI solution that targets Grade 10 students. This makes it a great addition to the education sector.


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