ChatGPT for HelpScout

An AI-powered tool called Twig was created to make it quick and simple for users to get the answers they need in technical documentation without having to spend hours searching through many pages of documentation.

Semantically evaluating documentation, knowledge bases, old support tickets, and other data sources allows the tool to accurately respond to complicated questions from consumers.

As a result, customer assistance expenses might be cut by up to 30%. Since Twig’s AI models are trained on data that is readily accessible to the general public, it can confidently identify and suggest pertinent answers to user inquiries.

The citations in the suggested responses make the comments appear more credible by directing users to other sources of knowledge. By automating tiresome processes and giving support agents strong tools that replace hectic work with human empathy, Twig also aids in their productivity.

By establishing higher minimum criteria for answer quality and assisting agents in identifying potential hazards in responses, it enables them to enhance the quality of client contact.

In order to assure privacy protection, Twig sanitizes data by removing any personally identifying information (PII) before integrating with the majority of well-known documentation and knowledge base products.

Twig is an AI tool that responds to technical queries with precision, relevance, and speed to greatly improve the customer experience.

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