With the help of the TypeGPT browser plugin, users may embed the Chatgpt language processing AI into any text box on the internet. By choosing various models for various use cases, such as coding, SQL, or translation, the tool enables users to personalize their experience.

With its services available for less than 10% of the price of its competitors, TypeGPT prides itself on being a cost-effective solution. The utility is small and only needs 28 KB of storage.

Users can also add their own models at any moment to fit their various needs, whether they are models for writing code, SQL queries, or content.

At the moment, TypeGPT can function on well-known platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Sheet, Google Search, and Stackoverflow. Users of TypeGPT can also use BYOK to bring their own keys, which increases security.

To use the tool, users must enable JavaScript in their browser’s settings. The only expense is a one-time fee of $10+$10; there is no ongoing price.

Pavan Dongare’s TypeGPT can be purchased at his Gumroad page.


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