Users can use the AI Music Generator provided by Loudly to use artificial intelligence technology to produce original music. The AI system creates a unique track in a matter of seconds once users choose the genre and desired length of the music.

By automating music creation, this application attempts to support and increase creativity by allowing users to concentrate on other facets of video production or content development.

Along with the music generator, Loudly’s music library gives users access to a number of royalty-free tracks that can be licensed with a single purchase for use in movies, podcasts, websites, and other types of media.

Users can utilize the site’s straightforward search feature and browsing options to select the songs that are most suited for their projects. In addition, Loudly offers pre-made playlists for browsing and an AI Recommender function that proposes music based on a user’s tastes.

Both their website and their mobile app, which can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play, provide access to the inventory. Users must register for an account and pay a monthly fee in order to access all functions, though there is a free trial period available.

To promote openness and legal compliance, Loudly’s website includes links to its terms of use, license agreement, privacy policy, and imprint. In general, the Loudly AI Music Generator offers users a useful tool to quickly and simply create creative music as well as a substantial library of royalty-free tunes for their media projects.


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