An AI-powered tool called JIT.codes converts text into code. To utilise the tool, users must have an OpenAI API key, which is stored locally on their browser and not transmitted to any outside sources.

Based on text input, it enables users to generate HTML, CSS, and JS code. Users can write and experiment with code using the tool, which advertises its free usage.

JIT.codes highlights the novel application of machine learning in turning text into code and emphasises the usage of AI for code production. Through a feedback form or their Twitter page, the website gives users the option to offer feedback or report any bugs they encounter while using the tool.Overall, JIT.codes provides an original and intriguing method for creating code using AI.

Developers, designers, and anyone else who needs to write code quickly and effectively may find considerable use in this tool. However, it is challenging to assess the efficacy and accuracy of the AI-generated code in the absence of more details.

Nevertheless, as developers navigate the quickly evolving fields of AI and code generation, JIT.codes may be a useful addition to their toolbox.


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