An AI-powered code completion tool called Codeium is intended to make coding quicker and simpler. With its support for more than 20 languages and integration with well-known IDEs, it enables developers to swiftly make changes in unfamiliar codebases without having to spend time learning all of the syntactical and stylistic nuances.

Additionally, Codeium aids developers in finding and utilising APIs, reducing boilerplate coding, and creating unit tests. It is utilised by businesses like Adobe, Dropbox, IBM, Pinterest, Salesforce, and Tesla and is trusted by programmers at top colleges.

Developers can type comments in natural language and leave the processing to Codeium thanks to its support for natural language processing. Additionally, programmers can locate and use endpoints, use Python to perform memoization, produce random numbers, and stop looking for regex altogether.

Developers can install the Codeium Extension to access the tool without restrictions and use it for free.

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