Pigro for OpenAI is an AI solution created to deliver intelligent document indexing services as well as improved responses for ChatGPT retrieval plugin.

The tool uses an AI-based text chunking service to separate information like a human would, taking into account both the semantics of the text by keeping related sentences together and dividing when necessary, as well as the look and structure of the page, including pagination, headings, tables, lists, and images.

The API offers best-in-class accuracy with generative indexing and supports a variety of document types, including Office-like documents, PDF, HTML, and plaintext in many languages.

Users can access their businesses’ expanding knowledge bases and find precise, concise responses with Pigro. Each piece of material is expanded by the generative AI, which also generates all questions that can be answered in the text.

To present just the most pertinent sections of text that respond to the query, the search feature uses keywords and semantics while taking into account the title, content, and created questions.

In comparison to other solutions on the market, this method’s accuracy is boosted by 10% when paired with approaches for meaningful text chunking.

Pigro will soon give file and resource access permissions for search result filtering, and users will even be able to provide their own ChatGPT retrieval plugin.

Pigro is a wonderful solution for those wishing to enhance their document indexing services and search capabilities and is compatible with OpenAI.


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