An AI-powered platform called ChatBotKit is used to create and deploy chatbots that can converse with people in natural language. It makes it simple for programmers and non-programmers alike to build conversational chatbots that can communicate over a variety of channels, including websites, Slack, and Discord.

The platform offers a no-code platform that makes improving client interaction and streamlining daily tasks simple. A number of features are included with ChatBotKit, such as conversation history, customized datasets, customized skillsets, document and media file import, Slack and Discord bot integration, widget integration, Twitter integration, and sitemap integration.

Modern language models like GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 are used by the platform to improve conversational skills. Additionally, it offers interactive settings that offer a secure environment in which to experiment, explore, and learn.

ChatBotKit offers robust privacy settings and assures the protection of user data. The technology automatically checks every communication for abusive language and flags it.

The platform allows for significant customization of the responses and behavior of chatbots in accordance with different preferences. There are no surprises or hidden costs in the pricing.

Users can test out ChatBotKit for five days risk-free before deciding whether to subscribe for a monthly membership that gives them access to any chatbot and all of its capabilities.

Users can simply cancel their subscription before the conclusion of the trial period and not lose any money if they are not totally happy. Email support and FAQs are only a couple of the customer service options that ChatBotKit provides.

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