A user-friendly tool for building and refining machine learning models without any code is available on the website Easy-Peasy.ai. It is intended to open up machine learning to everyone, even people with no prior coding or data science knowledge.

The website offers a straightforward drag-and-drop modeling interface that makes it simple to integrate data, build models, and test them. A variety of pre-built models are available, or users can create their own unique models. The platform also provides feature engineering and automatic data pretreatment, which enables customers to make the most of their data.

Users of Easy-Peasy.ai’s free subscription can access a few restricted features and generate up to 3 models. Paid plans give access to more sophisticated services including priority assistance, unlimited model creation, and API access.

In conclusion, Easy-Peasy.ai is a fantastic tool for anyone wishing to get started with machine learning without any coding or data science background. It is simple to get started with machine learning and construct models that can be utilized in a variety of applications thanks to its user-friendly interface and variety of capabilities.


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