TheDream AI

Users can design their ideal profile photo or avatar using the AI-powered tool There are many other styles available in the tool, including fashion, artistic, fantasy, movie, futuristic, historical, illustration, beauty, vision, sculpture, fun, and travel.

Modern Dreambooth technology, an open-source deep learning generation model created in 2022 that enables users to train AI models on their own images to generate any form of image they wish, is used in the tool.

To get the best results, requires users to upload portrait images of themselves from their gallery. To help customers submit photographs and get the best results, the tool provides a video lesson.

To protect user data, the AI model and the uploaded photographs are removed from the servers after ten days and 24 hours, respectively. Users may share the generated photographs on social media or use them for a variety of purposes, including as personal branding and making unique goods like business cards, with’s flexible price plans starting at $3.99.

Through the use of Stripe, which protects user information with secure encryption technology, the platform guarantees secure payment. If consumers haven’t yet trained the AI model, offers a 14-day refund policy.

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