An AI platform for creating audio at scale is called Aflorithmic. It provides a variety of audio production options, from text to audio, that are quicker and less expensive than conventional audio creation.

Access to 600+ AI voices in 60+ languages, 100+ sound designs, and 30+ sound effects are all available to users. AI audio solutions include voice cloning, podcasts, audio advertising, and video voiceover.

Aflorithmic also provides an AI DCO Engine, AI Audio Advertising Engine, AI Video Voiceover Engine, and an AI Podcasting Engine. The platform can be integrated by programmers using Python, JavaScript, or CURL.

Users of the platform can automate and customise dynamic audio for digital material, which has a 3x higher engagement rate than content that does not. Additionally, it provides sound effects, real-time scalability, and personalization, as well as audio mastering and versioning.

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