Bubbly AI

With the help of the AI tool bubbly, customers may quickly develop a virtual assistant for their good or service. Through Bubbly, users may add a GPT3 AI Bot to their website or internal dashboard to respond to client questions, minimising the need for a customer success team to manually respond to each one.

Notably, the AI-powered help provided by Bubbly can cut down on customer ticket volume by up to 30% in just one week. Users must enter the URL of their website and choose the pages they want Bubbly to learn from in order to use the service.

The AI Bot will then be instantaneously created by Bubbly and be able to respond to queries about the users’ good or service. A single line of JavaScript can be copied and pasted to embed the bot anywhere.

Users can tailor their onboarding process using Bubbly and collaborate with the team to tailor their AI Bot to their specific requirements. Additionally, users can construct numerous bots in Bubbly to meet various needs.

With different features and price tiers, Bubbly provides two plans: Starter and Professional. In conclusion, Bubbly is an intuitive AI-powered customer service technology that enables companies to lower the number of customer support tickets while still offering prompt, effective service through a virtual assistant embedded into their website or internal dashboard.


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