Chatbot UI

An enhanced version of OpenAI’s ChatGPT UI is provided by the open source utility known as Chatbot UI. With features like New Conversation, New Chat, Import Data, Export Data, Settings, and Plugin Keys, the program offers a straightforward user interface.

Users can quickly and simply connect with Chatbot UI by entering their API key and using it in conjunction with OpenAI’s API. It’s vital to remember that Chatbot UI is only a clone of OpenAI’s ChatGPT UI and is not connected to them.

Without the usage of an API key, the tool is only useful as a way to interact with the OpenAI API. For seamless tool integration, users are also suggested to set up their OpenAI API key in the bottom left of the sidebar. Users can get a key from OpenAI’s website.

The tool also includes a fresh Prompt function that enables users to input fresh data. In conclusion, Chatbot UI is an effective and user-friendly tool for people looking for ways to use OpenAI’s API.

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