Design Ducky

A virtual assistant that assists users in creating their desired projects is Design Ducky, an AI tool for system design and diagramming. It needs JavaScript to function properly because it is a website built with create-react-app.

GPT3 and GPT4 models have been integrated with Design Ducky to give users the best experience. Users are invited to switch to the GPT4 model when they log in since it is more sophisticated and effective than GPT3 at system design and diagramming.

Design Ducky, an AI assistant that works with the user’s input to build and update diagrams, welcomes users after they check in. You can utilise Design Ducky as a developer to create a front end, back end, database, or all of the above.

The user can communicate with Design Ducky through the chat interface, and the diagram on the right side of the screen is dynamically updated as the dialogue progresses.

The Design Ducky team created Design Ducky and intends to keep improving and upgrading it in the years to come. In 2023, the tool is anticipated to be usable.

Overall, Design Ducky is a promising AI tool that can assist developers, especially those working on complicated projects, to speed system design and diagramming.

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