Suportal is a customer support technology driven by AI that allows companies to offer automated customer service on their websites. Suportal’s chatbot, which is powered by ChatGPT, may assist consumers in finding solutions to their problems without the assistance of a human, saving hours of customer care time.

Suportal doesn’t need any training because it can quickly understand the goods and services offered by a company by obtaining and scanning each link on their website.

Without a payment card or an API key, Suportal is free to use and supports an infinite number of websites and chats. Users must enter their website address and press save to integrate the Supportal widget.

Users can choose the support documentation links they want to utilize to educate the bot after Suportal has fetched every link from the website after roughly 10 minutes.

The tool provides an enterprise-specific solution.Overall, Suportal seems to be an affordable and user-friendly option for companies wishing to automate their customer care processes.

Suportal can assist businesses in enhancing user engagement and satisfaction while drastically lowering response times by automating the customer care process.

Suportal’s integration with ChatGPT guarantees that the company’s customers will receive excellent AI-powered support.

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