A straightforward yet practical Chrome extension called DetectGPT is used to identify chatbots that employ OpenAI’s GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) technology. It is getting more and more challenging to distinguish between human and AI-generated responses as GPT-powered chatbots gain in popularity. When DetectGPT notices that GPT is being used, it adds a tiny icon to the chat window to help fix the issue.

In order for the extension to function, chat messages are examined for patterns that are typical of GPT-generated responses. The user is then informed by the addition of a tiny icon next to the chat window. Users will be able to recognise whether they are communicating with a machine rather than a person this way.

In conclusion, DetectGPT is a quick and efficient way for anyone who wants to learn more about using GPT-powered chatbots. It offers a useful service for everyone who values openness in online relationships and is simple to install and use.


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