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📬Subject 1: Download ‘High Impact Graphics’ (for instant conversion boost)📬Subject 2: Download High Impact Graphics (mini-site templates with a twist)


For some marketers graphic design is probably at the bottom of their to do list either because A) they don’t think it’s important, or B) it’s a skill they’d rather not develop.


If you have the budget it’s wise to think about outsourcing this task but what if you’re just starting out?


How do you work your way into the more competitive markets and grab their attention?




You portray quality and trust, not just from the content of your product but from the presentation of your product.


You could have the best eBook in the world but no one’s going to know about it cause it didn’t grab their attention. Forget reading it, they may not even want to download it!


This is why getting your graphics done right from the start so that you can grab all that leading traffic and convert as many of them into leads and sales as possible.




To Your Success!


Your Online Teacher.




📬Subject 1: STILL AVAILABLE! Download High Impact Graphics (for instant conversion boost)📬Subject 2: RE: Download High Impact Graphics (mini-site templates with a twist)


Don’t you just hate it when you spend all day working on a new product, or even putting together a new offer, then you promote it and no ones even pays any attention?


You KNOW that your offer is solid… You KNOW that your product is of real value… And you definitely KNOW that you’ve presented it correctly?… or have you?…


You see, sometimes all it takes is a ‘slap in the face’ until someone pays attention to what you have to offer.


And to get the ‘slap’, you NEED good graphics! Not just good but AMAZING!




With more and more people jumping on the ‘start my own internet business’ bandwagon you need to stay well and truly ahead of the game.


You want your competitors to be completely put-off by what they’re up against so that there’s more room for you to sell!


We’ve put together a set of stunning graphics that you can modify and brand to your heart’s content.


Not only that, we’ve also included the mini-site pages to go along with it such as the sales page, download page, squeeze page, testimonial box, and opt-in box!


If you’ve ever tried to make a mini-site by yourself from scratch you’ll already know the work involved and the cost of hiring privately so and can appreciate what’s coming up!


Start dominating the competition with your own army of elite mini-site graphics!




To Your Success!


Your Online Teacher.




📬Subject 1: LAST REMINDER! Download Your High Impact Graphics Set (before it’s removed…)


Just a quick reminder to let you know that today is the last day to grab your high impact graphics set before the offer is removed.


Inside this package you’ll get…

Premium Treasure Template – A highly attractive, rich, “old-world” look & feel that invites your visitors to discover the “treasure” in your marketing message.

Premium Wood Template – A high quality, rustic design that creates a unique backdrop to your salespage.

Premium Bronze Template – You can almost smell the old, worn leather used in this design. Vintage-style paper adds additional texture and depth to your graphics.

Premium Raw Silk Template – The richly coloured fabric used in this design offers depth and drama against the elegance of the background imagery.

Premium Metal Template – Detailed layers of old and new metals are used here to create a feeling of strength and solidity. A wonderful background for any sales message.

Premium Stone Template – This ancient stone background helps portray longevity – a great design for a product with a long shelf life.

Each template package comes with customizable blank headers, testimonial boxes, opt-in boxes, and a download page template.


“Highest Click-Through Ever!”

Hi! thanks for all your help! I ran the new opt-in page on Google. I am getting the highest click through that I have ever gotten! – David Roppo

“You’ll Be Seeing Me Again In The Very Near Future!”

I just wanted to send a big “Thank You” your way for creating one of the most amazing minisites and ebook covers I’ve ever seen for me, and for doing it in such a short amount of time. As a full-time marketer I’m extremely busy and when time is limited it’s very hard to find a reliable designer to not only create a quality product, but to deliver it in a very short amount of time. You did both and you didn’t take short cuts. You weren’t happy until I was happy and I commend you for that! Outstanding job! You’ll be seeing me again in the very near future! – Josh Spaulding

“Absolutely LOVE The Graphics!”

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the graphics!! I am over the moon with them!!!! They are FANTASTIC! You’re an angel! Also, thanks for the copywriters – I’ll email them now! – Vanessa Bsirsky

“Uncanny Ability To Deliver!”

Your graphics work is second to none and you have an uncanny ability to deliver work that looks even better than you could have imagined. Fast, professional and work is reasonably priced. What more could you ask for? – Paul Short

“Impressed and Delighted!”

First of all, thank-you. I wanted you to know that I am very impressed and delighted with both the quality of your design, and the speed of your service. I have to admit, when I first saw how low the quote was, I was a little skeptical. But you made a convert out of me by over-delivering. No doubt I will have more projects for you. Thanks again. – Don Broder

“You Always Amaze Me!”

You always amaze me! You are really good! Outstanding! I just laughed for joy when I saw it. Wow! Wow! is all I can say. Thank you so much. Send me the bill. – Debbie Sipe

“First Of All…. IT WORKS!”

I swear I’m going to start crying. This is just in the nick of time because I have to start paying the BILLS! Thanks a BILLION! Pleasure working with you. I know that you put some overtime into this project and I appreciate that. I would definitely want to work with you again – your work is very high quality. – Dr. Jason Young


You know what…? You’re incredible! I just love it! Thanks a million for your wonderful work indeed! I shall get to work on it now…;-) I sure hope (creating a Chinese character-based website) hasn’t taken too much of your time and energy. Thanks very much again. – John Chan

“A True Professional!..”

Amazing what you can do. Thanks! You are a true professional. Timely, detailed, and a good ďlistener. – Mark MacKenzie


“I’m Thrilled!”


SPECTACULAR job on my website – I’m thrilled!! Please put a great big link to your services on my site, so I don’t spend so much time telling everyone how to reach you! – Vicki Lyn Hamilton


To Your Success!


Your Online Teacher.

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