A free AI-powered image generator called FreeImage.AI enables users to easily produce original and customized graphics. The application creates a range of images, including logos, landscapes, UI UX landing page website mockups, and 3D hyper-realistic colorful Rubik’s cubes, among others, using a Stable Diffusion AI image generation engine.

Users can choose between two image sizes, 256×256 or 512×512, and public or private visibility for the image. Users of FreeImage.AI have the choice of downloading, posting, or viewing the expanded versions of the created images.

The user’s account houses the generated photos, which may be viewed and controlled from the user dashboard. Users of FreeImage.AI can browse a vast collection of photos, and both registered and unregistered visitors to the portal can view the created images.

The program provides a simple user interface and assists users in producing aesthetically attractive and useful photos.

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