An AI program called GetBotz automates the process of writing and posting blog posts that are SEO-optimized. GetBotz publishes approximately 30 articles per month that are customized to the user’s selected content and topic using GPT-3.5 technology and data from the SEO data provider

Additionally, using Google APIs, the tool optimizes articles for readability and SEO, including meta tags and alt tags, and submits them to Google for indexing.

With only three easy steps—giving the tool some basic information about the blog, connecting the WordPress website, and letting GetBotz handle routine posting—the tool touts complete automation.

GetBotz regularly monitors the user’s Google ranking and modifies the next articles as necessary to make sure the material is effective and relevant.

With over 4000 blog posts published in the previous three months, 800+ of which are now ranking on Google’s SERP, GetBotz claims to have assisted over 60 blogs in automating their publication process with no user input.

The technology also tackles typical blogging annoyances including the time commitment and cost of working with a content agency or management service.

GetBotz claims to scale business while automating blogging in order to improve blog traffic without relying on ads or tedious labor.

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