Stock photos of unreal individuals are available from Lucidpic. Because it is a royalty-free platform, users are free to download and use the images as they please.

Sex, ethnicity, age, hair color, hair length, and apparel are just a few of the many filters available on the platform. Various photo formats, including Standard, Cinematic, Insta, Candid, High Contrast, and Black and White, are also available.

With the help of the AI Photo Studio, users can easily create high-quality stock images of people and customize their appearance by changing their age, gender, style, and attire.

The photos are appropriate for use in advertising, social media posts, e-learning, and websites. They are 100% original, royalty-free, and of the highest caliber. To get started, users simply register with Google and download the photographs in either Standard or HD format.

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