By creating a customized chatbot on top of GPT-4 technology, the Watermelon conversational AI platform helps organizations enhance their customer service.

The platform provides a brand-new chatbot environment with GPT-4 technology integrated that is intended to provide prompt, immediate, and effective customer assistance. Businesses can use Watermelon to streamline client contact through a single inbox, which streamlines customer service by enabling team collaboration with the chatbot.

A chatbot builder and a number of integration channels, such as web widgets, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram, are also provided by Watermelon.

Sales, marketing, HR, internal communications, and customer service automation are some of its chatbot use cases. The platform serves a variety of sectors, including e-commerce, municipalities, healthcare, education, and tourism.

The GPT-4 AI technology from Watermelon quickly picks up on and adjusts to the data that is submitted to the platform, making it simple to access via the web widget and multiple platforms with the API.

Businesses can effortlessly communicate with customers using the platform’s all-in-one inbox, which can automate up to 96% of discussions. The site provides a number of services, including a blog, downloads, a help center, and an academy.

Overall, Watermelon enables businesses to leverage AI to improve customer service, streamline customer communications, and develop creative methods for candidate sourcing and hiring.


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