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📬Subject 1: Tendious Blogging Made Automated! (Here’s how…)📬Subject 2: Automate Your Blog Posts So You Can Build More Faster!


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One of the best ways to make money online is to have a vast network of sites that are earning for you every day. The trouble is, how do you manage to update them all, promote them all and keep them earning?


This is the dilemma that many marketers face and in some cases it can be enough to even put them off from starting making money from their websites. They create one or two sites, realise the potential work and then give up, not understanding that they can create sites that run on autopilot.


What if there was a way that you could create this vast network of sites and they could run without you constantly updating them and working on them.


Autoblogging has been a closely guarded secret for a long time. Creating vast networks of auto generated sites has long been the domain of black hatters or big marketers with almost bottomless resources.


It is a subject that is rarely spoken of, particularly since the great Google Slap a number of years ago which destroyed interest in auto generated sites.


What if there was a way you could create these auto generated sites and avoid any potential Google slaps in the future?


Would that make you interested in creating a network of automatically updating websites that earn for you every day.




This step by step guide will teach you everything you need to know about autoblogging including:


What autoblogs are and how they can benefit you

The pitfalls to avoid when creating autoblogs

Ensuring your sites have longevity in the search engines and avoid any penalties or delisting

Installing and configuring WordPress

Setting up a basic array of plugins for profitability and search engine compatibility

Other plugins that will help you to create massively profitable autoblogs

And much much more


Autoblogs aren’t that difficult to create once you know what you are doing with them. When you understand how to set them up so you avoid any potential penalties and know what the search engines are looking for you can rapidly create a massive network of highly profitable websites.




To Your Success!


Your Online Teacher.




📬Subject 1: Autoblogging Lesson #1 – Familiar With The Term?




Autoblogging is a very popular subject with many marketers interested in it, but few actually creating autoblogs.


The principle is that you rapidly create niche websites that are self populating and run without any input from yourself. Combine them with automatic traffic generation methods and you have a real winner on your hands.


The aim of the game is to get these sites set up and running quickly. You are not aiming to spend hours beautifully crafting each site. You are basically throwing websites against the wall and seeing what sticks.


With the right tools, it is very easy to do this. WordPress is the platform of choice for autoblogs due to the availability of plugins and ease of use / configuration.


You will need some additional plugins in order to really make your autoblogs work and these will cost you money. The authors of these plugins know they are on to a good thing and so charge you for it, knowing that you need their services.


You are aiming to create these sites and then set them up to run without any input from you at all. The idea is for you to not have to visit the sites again and for them to add content automatically without your input.


This allows you to create a massive network of sites without the worry about how to update and maintain your websites.


Autoblogs are a very powerful method of earning online and one that you can benefit from. This program has been designed to walk you, step by step, through creating your own autoblogs.


All you need to get started is a computer, an Internet connection, a hosting account and a few dollars for some domain names.


With that you are ready to go. If you have some additional capital for purchasing plugins then you will be able to significantly increase the profitability and easy of creation of your autoblogs, but it isnít necessary to get started.


A network of autoblogs set up properly will start earning for you rapidly and the more you create, the more you can earn.


Letís move on now through this program and show you exactly how to create an autoblog.


To Your Success!


Your Online Teacher.






📬Subject 1: Autoblogging Lesson #2 – How Often Should I Post?




A definition of an autoblog could be…


A blog that runs on autopilot, adding new content, getting traffic and generating an income without any manual intervention


This is a big claim but is entirely possible and many marketers have a network of autoblogs that they use for their own reasons. Owning a large network of sites can be very beneficial to you when you want to create income links and generate traffic to your sites. You can very quickly give any website you own a boost up the search engines just by adding their link to your autoblog network.


Your autoblog will automatically add new content at intervals you have specified. This could be daily, hourly, monthly, weekly, or any combination or variation. It entirely depends upon what you want to achieve and how quickly you want to grow your blog.


I’d warn against adding too much content too quickly because that raises a very large red flag. If a website adds 10,000 new pages in a day that is going to scream SPAM to the search engines. If a website adds just a few pages a day it looks much more natural.


My personal recommendation is to add 1 to 5 pieces of content at random times every day.


Because the sites are adding content by themselves, all you have to do is concentrate on driving traffic to it. This could be in many different ways.


  • Outsourcing
  • Manually
  • Pay per click
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Any other traffic generation technique


The key is to get people to your site. In an ideal world, you have set your traffic generation on autopilot too and your autoblogs will storm to the top of the search engines for their keywords.


An autoblog should take you very little time to set up we’re talking 30-45 minutes at the outside. Itís a very quick way to set up a network of sites and start generating an income.


If you have spent enough time researching keywords then you won’t find it hard to rank for those keywords and it should be a few days or a couple of weeks before you start seeing an income from the sites.


Once you have created your network of autoblogs you can keep them and enjoy the earnings or you can sell them and get an influx of cash. If you are selling the sites, check what the terms of any plugins you bought are and make sure that you can sell the plugins. Your buyer may need to purchase their own license for the plugin.


One of my favourite uses for an autoblog is to rapidly test a niche.


Because autoblogs are very quick to set up you can rapidly enter a dozen or so niches with an autoblog and wait and see which is profitable. When you know which are the profitable sites you can then either create further sites in that niche or you can turn your autoblog into an authority site, being careful not to lose any search engine traffic you have.


It doesn’t matter whether you are an advanced marketer or just starting out, autoblogs are an excellent way for you to generate an income and create a network of sites. These sites can be used to boost your main sites up the search engines or for an additional stream of income. They can also help you dominate the top ten search results in the organic search engine rankings.


To Your Success!


Your Online Teacher.






📬Subject 1: Autoblogging Lesson #3 – Issues You May Run Into




You do need to be careful with autoblogs as they have had a bad reputation, being something that is used by spammers and black hat marketers. Sure you can go this route if you wish but expect sites to be delisted, domains to be blacklisted and to worry about your income vanishing overnight at the whim of a search engine boffin.


You need to take steps to ensure that your websites are not classified as spam sites and treated as such. This section will show you what the search engines are watching out for and how you can avoid them.


Firstly, whilst autoblogs are quick to set up and literally thrown out there, you still need to make sure they provide valuable information. The search engines are looking for sites that are relevant to their searchers and provide good information.


Therefore if you can provide valuable and useful information that is keyword rich and paying attention to LSI (Latent Symantent Indxing) then your autoblogs will look much more natural and useful to the search engines.


Success Tip


Provide valuable and useful information that is relevant to your target market.


Many autoblogs rely in scraped content, i.e. content which has come from other sites. These could be Youtube, Yahoo Answers, article directories, Amazon, Clickbank and so on.


Scraped content is obviously not unique and the search engines will know this.


Therefore if you can combine scraped content with some unique content and some spun / rewritten PLR then you should find that your website does well in the search engines.


Alternatively, you can use one of the many uniquifier plugins. These are plugins that fool the search engines into thinking the content on each page is unique.


Personally, I don’t trust these plugins because the search engines will be well aware of them. Plus you have to keep the plugins up to date which means a manual intervention on each site to upgrade it.


Success Tip


Balance PLR, unique and scraped content for best results.


Search engines are smart. You have to remember that companies like Google employ people with brains the size of a planet. They are constantly on the lookout for footprints on websites, i.e. anything that can link sites together as having been mass created.


Some pieces of software leave these footprints which raise a hug red flag to the search engines who instantly check them out for spam.


Whilst it may be tempting to speed up your site creation using tools that leave a footprint, this is a big risk. If the search engines realize the footprint is there then they could easily find your websites and classify them as spam and then there’s almost nothing you can do about it.


Success Tip


Don’t leave any footprints in your autoblogs.


One of the easiest to trace footprints is the meta tags and meta keywords. When creating a site people either completely forget to set these or they use the same one on every page.


Whilst this may be tempting from a time saving point of view this isn’t going to help you in the long term. Firstly, it is a footprint that can be traced and secondly you are harming your rankings in the search engines by ignoring these fields.


Success Tip


Set unique meta tags and meta keywords for every page.


Another giveaway to the search engines is using one of the default WordPress themes or using the same WordPress theme with the same set up one very single page.


There are a lot of people who are rushing to throw out these sites and don’t bother with changing the theme. This is a sure fire sign of one of two things Ö either a spammer or a complete and utter WordPress novice. In either case, the search engines are not gong to pay them a lot of attention.


So you need to find yourself some themes. A quick Google will find more than enough WordPress themes to keep you busy or you can have your own created or you can use a theme such as Thesis and configure that.


You do have to remember that the search engines are run by very smart people who, to be perfectly honest, are one step ahead of us Internet marketers because they know the rules of the game and we’re just guessing.


One thing the search engines do is monitor IP addresses of websites. These are numerical addresses that tell computers where a domain is located. We humans use domain names because remember www.MyWebsite.com is far easier than remember for example.


Therefore you need to vary your hosts and / or IP addresses to make sure you don’t have too many autoblogs on a single host. This could mean taking out multiple Baby hosting accounts with Hostgator or a reseller account and buying a block of IP Addresses. You can expect to pay around a dollar a month per IP address with most big hosting companies.


You don’t want more than 7 to 10 autoblogs on a single hosting account or IP address. This is simply to avoid leaving a footprint. If you created 1000 autoblogs on a single IP address it wouldn’t take long for the search engines to work out that everything on that IP address is an autoblog and just ignore every site from it.


Following these tips will help to ensure that you create sites that stick and are not delisted or removed from the search engines rankings.


To Your Success!


Your Online Teacher.




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