An AI chatbot generator called ChatShape enables users to quickly create unique chatbots using their own material. With the help of the Chrome plugin, users may quickly create chatbots from private wikis.

In order to deliver AI-powered chatbots that are trained on user data, ChatShape teamed with OpenAI. Users can click “add current site” and then “generate bot” after the extension has been opened on a webpage to produce a shareable link for their own chatbot.

Only the text content of the webpage is stored by the tool in an encrypted format on safe AWS servers. Most websites have been tested to operate with the ChatShape Chrome extension, including exclusive wikis like Confluence, Notion, Jira, and Quip.

The chatbot links that users build can be shared with anybody they choose. The “add current site” option just copies the text that is now visible and copyable from the web page; it does not crawl any other links on the page or the domain.

The maximum number of web sources that can be added to ChatShape depends on the user’s plan, and the size of a web source is determined by the quantity of text characters on each page.In general, ChatShape offers users an easy and practical way to build chatbots that are trained on their content, making it simpler for them to interact with their clients or audience.

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