My AskAI

My AskAI is an AI-powered service that helps users access information quickly from a variety of content sources, including webpages and documents, saving them time.

In less than two minutes, users may create their own ChatGPT, modify the way it appears and responds to inquiries, and embed it on their website or post a public link.

My AskAI provides quick, accurate responses that are trustworthy and based on OpenAI’s cutting-edge AI technology. Users can customize their AskAI to reflect the character of their company and make as many ChatGPTs as they require.

Additionally, My AskAI supports over 95 different languages and complies with GDPR guidelines, guaranteeing complete control over user data. It offers a variety of price options, from free to enterprise-level, to accommodate various use cases, along with improved security safeguards to safeguard user data.

Teams, businesses, and audiences that want to acquire reliable information fast and share it without wasting time searching and scrolling should use My AskAI.

Users can save hours of reading and content searching because to the quick and straightforward access to information, especially for frequently requested questions.

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