A program called CensysGPT Beta makes it easier to create powerful and successful Censys search queries. By giving users rapid and simple access to information about hosts on the internet, the application is intended to enable users to conduct proactive reconnaissance activities.

CensysGPT Beta helps customers to spend more time on threat scouting and exposure control by improving the query development process.The tool is being actively enhanced, and suggestions are welcome.

The tool’s examples of Censys search questions show how it may produce many kinds of inquiries, such as converting old Censys queries to the new query language or converting Shodan, Zoomeye, and BinaryEdge searches.

Advanced settings allow users to create their own searches, albeit it is warned that more inventive questions might not be as precise.It is crucial to remember that CensysGPT Beta uses OpenAI GPT to process queries, which means that OpenAI receives the query data that is gathered.

Censys has chosen not to allow such data to be utilized to enhance OpenAI models, though. The utility needs JavaScript enabled in order to work effectively.In conclusion, CensysGPT Beta is a helpful tool for anyone wishing to quickly create Censys search queries and learn more about internet hosts.


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