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📬Subject 1: The 7-Figure Code Revealed In 7 Principles 7 Principles Unlock The 7-Figure Code… 📬Subject 2: 7 Timeless And Universale Principles All Marketers Need re: how I almost quit IM


When I first started my online business, I began like most do…


Did a lot of reading, played about with a ton of software, make loads of mistakes, spent more than I earned…


But what was I doing wrong? I was following the guru’s advice and apparently doing all the things they were doing, but not getting anywhere near the same results.


I wasn’t getting anywhere and I was faced with a hard choice…


Do I give up and go back to work… Or do I approach this business in another way?


I chose to persist and I’m glad I did… Because that decision led me to make several times the income I would have with my old day job.


Looking back now I simply COULD NOT go back to work.


It’s not because I got connections with other marketers online… (because I had none)

It’s not because I had money to invest… (I was in the red)

It’s not because I learned some backhat technique… (that got me banned)

It’s because used 7 timeless and universal principles that I now want to reveal to you…




To Your Success!


Your Online Teacher.




📬Subject 1: Use The 7 Universale Laws Of I.M. Are you using the 7 Universal Laws To $100k/yr?📬Subject 2: The 7 Principles To $100,000 A Year📬Subject 3: re: The 7 Laws Of Highly Successful Marketers (apply them…)


What’s the difference between a marketer that makes a few sales here and there and a marketer that pulls in 6-figures a year or more?


Yes they have a solid reputation and internet presence to position themselves…

Yes they produce tons of content and distribute it through multiple channels…

Yes they have their own unique products that add value to the marketplace…

Yes they have people working for them to free up their time…

But these are just the manifestations of what’s really going on underneath.


If you look behind the curtains you will see that anyone who is doing well online follow 7 timeless and universal principles…




To Your Success!


Your Online Teacher.




📬Subject 1: Quick Reminder: 7 Universal Principles For Internet Marketers


There a 7 principles that separate those who make a side income from I.M. and those that pull in tens of thousands each month.


These principles are universal and timeless which means they can be applied in all aspects of business no matter 5 years from now or 10 years from now.


They surpass trends and fads and don’t fall victim to the passage of time.


These are the 7 habits of highly successful internet marketers that I’m about to share with you…




If you find yourself spinning your wheels, jumping from one technique to the other and overall just plain confused then you need to stop, take a step back and look at what you’re really doing.


It’s all too easy to lose yourself in your business and not have the full picture of what you’re trying to achieve.


Just putting up a blog with a few articles is not enough…

Just having a squeeze page in the hope that someone will sign up is not enough…

Just putting up a product for sale for a quick buck is not enough…


Yes it’s a good start and exciting when you can attain those stepping-stone results, but there is much more going on behind the scenes that you should be aware of.


This is where the 7 laws steps in…




To Your Success!


Your Online Teacher.

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