Users of the AI-powered app DreamPic AI can design unique portraits of themselves in a range of looks. The platform asks users to submit 10 to 30 photos of themselves, choose the styles they want their images to be generated in, and then sit back and let the AI model handle the rest.

The user is given a link to view the findings and download all generated photographs after the model has been trained. Users of DreamPic AI can also download or reuse the trained model to create other images in a variety of styles.

The platform includes a large selection of pre-defined styles that span a variety of genres, including professional headshots, celebrity, art, animals, fantasy, sci-fi, cartoon, vintage, anime, surreal, gothic, steampunk, hipster, retro, fantasy, cyberpunk, hip-hop, elegant, bohemian, grunge, preppy, sporty, glamorous, pop art, minimalist, eclectic, urban, traditional, western, nautical, military, folk, tropical, art


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