Users of Zev, an AI-powered assistant, may use ChatGPT, one of the newest and most sophisticated AI assistants available, through integration with popular instant messaging services like Telegram, LINE, and Viber.

Zev can assist with translations, offer personalized advice, and more. In order to engage in more individualized conversations, users can also take advantage of the tool’s persona function, which enables them to flip between several characters, such as Chef, Travel Planner, or Social Media Manager, each with their own distinct manner of speaking.

Zev also keeps track of previous conversations for a short period of time so users can continue where they left off. On Telegram, the application facilitates group talks in which up to 50 people can take part at once.

Zev offers a free trial period after which a $10 monthly subscription cost is required. Overall, Zev is a strong AI chatbot helper that offers customers a simple and quick method to access cutting-edge AI features directly from their preferred messaging app.


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