A website called UPCAT.app was created to assist Filipino students in getting ready for the UPCAT, or University of the Philippines College Admission Test. The website provides a free online practice test that mimics the real exam so that students may obtain a sense of its structure and the kinds of questions they can anticipate seeing.

Language Proficiency, Mathematics, Science, Reading Comprehension, and Abstract Reasoning are covered in the practice exam. After finishing the test, students can review the appropriate responses to each question and immediately receive feedback on how they performed.

Additionally, UPCAT.app offers tools and advice that are beneficial to students studying for the test. These comprise a thorough instruction manual on how to prepare for the UPCAT, a description of the topics covered on the test, and a list of suggested study materials.

For Filipino students who desire to improve their chances of passing the UPCAT and enrolling in the University of the Philippines, UPCAT.app is a great resource.


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