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📬Subject 1: Make Decisions, Save Time and Turn More Profit in 60 Minutes (here’s how…) 📬Subject 2: “Did I just make a wise choice?”… How to Make Decisions that Make Profit!


Do you find yourself having a hard time making everyday decisions? Are you struggling finding the right answer to problems you may have?




Many people everyday have the same exact problem. They find themselves not able to come to a single decision.


The problem is that there are so many possibilities out there today and everyday you are faced with more and more decisions.


You need to give everything you’ve got to make these choices and then you wonder, “Did I just make a wise choice?”


Start Making Decisions to Start Making Profits can give you the help and ideology you need to begin making wise and correct decisions.


Having the skills it takes to make these choices for yourself is the best way to lead an awesome life and always be confident in all of the decisions you make every single day.


Sure, you could go on with life and try to hold off making decisions or even try to stay away from them all together, but is it really worth stressing yourself out over? Get everything you need to know to make the perfect choices and create your own success…




To Your Success!


Your Online Teacher.


P.S. Don’t make the wrong decision here. Your first step in making the perfect choices starts by clicking the link below…






📬Subject 1: RE: Make Decisions, Save Time and Turn More Profit in 60 Minutes (here’s how…) 📬Subject 2: REMINDER: Make Decisions that Make Profit (never be unsure again…)


Have you ever made a tough decision?…


The average person is faced with hundreds, maybe even thousands of decisions every single day.


Most of them are unconsciously made, but others may take a lot of thinking to come to a reasonable choice.


I know how tough it can be to come to a single decision when there are thousands of possible outcomes. Even the simple “no-brainers” have everyday pros and cons.


If you have trouble making decisions and taking action or even find yourself making things more complicated than they need to be then this will help you out…




Now you can get the secrets to making the BEST decisions for you where you are to bring about the best outcome.


Here’s the thing… making perfect choices all the time is very tough, but it can be easier when you have successful marketers teaching you the ways of a wise thinker.


The world is tough right now and the decisions you get faced with everyday are just as tough if not even tougher.


So it only makes sense to master your decision making now to get your business and life where you want it to be…




To Your Success!


Your Online Teacher.




📬Subject 1: ENDS SOON! Make Decisions, Save Time and Turn More Profit in 60 Minutes (here’s how…)📬Subject 2: CLOSING DOWN Make Decisions that Make Profit (never be unsure again…)


Decisions are the building blocks of everyday human Life. Without decisions, life as we know it would not exist.


We, as humans, tend to second guess our decisions and maybe even agonize over some choice we made that had a negative outcome.




Sure, we can’t always get the outcome we want, but we can definitely walk away thinking, “I made the best possible decision there was to make.”


The first step to making the right decisions is to make confident decisions. If you aren’t confident in the decisions you make then you’ll never make the right decisions.


What if you were shown everything you need to be 100% confident in the decisions you make? Now you will be able to KNOW that you have made the best decision you can and you will always be happy with your choices.


Here’s the thing… Every single solitary decision you make, no matter how big or small, will affect your future in some way.


Don’t just be another person that goes through life wondering if they made the right choice. Instead be the person that KNOWS it.


If you find yourself second guessing many, if not all of your decisions you make, don’t you think its about time to change that? Make the right decision now…




To Your Success!


Your Online Teacher.


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📬Subject 1: Start Making Decisions Lesson #1 – YOU Decide




Making decisions can be very tough. Here are a few facts you probably didn’t know about decision making.


#1 Decisions are the Building Blocks of Life

#2 We Tend to Second Guess Our Decisions

#3 Our Decisions, Great or Small, Affect Our Future


50% of all decisions made in the business world today have been called WRONG decisions.


Making good decisions is a direct reflection on your own character. We are the sum total of our decisions.


You need to know when to make decisions. You need the courage to delegate. You don’t need everything perfect to make your next move. Most of all you need the courage to act.


Everyday you have to make countless decisions even some you’re not even aware of.


The moment you actually STOP and consciously think about what you’re doing, that’s when radical changes will happen.


This is where you awareness is raised, where you start to actually question everything you do, and decide if your current routine is serving you.


When you start to see all habits which aren’t really serving you, you’ll start to form new habits, ones which actually steer you towards a goal.


And having a goal, a life purpose is what everyone should be aspiring to or else we’d just be floating around aimlessly like a ship without a rudder.


Making decisions is more than just about the act. It’s about the bigger picture and what you’re working towards. It’s about your life purpose.


By the end of this week I’m going to teach you more about decision making than you ever thought mattered. You will be a master decision maker so stay tuned for the next lesson!


To Your Success,






📬Subject 1: Start Making Decisions Lesson #2 – The 5 Tools




We have five different tools for making our decisions. With these five mental tools, decisions can be made easily, quickly and effectively. You can use these five tools to become confident in all of the choices you make.


  1. Parameters – requirements. – what are the things I need? – What exactly am I looking for?
  2. Policy – Rule – eg. No physical products, no exceptions. – Lunch at 12pm everyday
  3. Analysis – Logical Thinking – Good planning
  4. Judgement – Taking in the facts and making your decision
  5. Synthesis – Creating – creating scenarios in your head – Can I do this with any of my 5 tools?


Remember, not all decisions are necessary. Decisions that won’t have long term consequences, don’t have to be disputed over!


Why waste time? Why waste your brain energy if your previously made Parameters can take care of the decisions for you?


Your 5 Tools can help you everyday with making decisions the right way. The first step is to find these tools and put them to good use!


In my video training, I teach you how to create parameters you can use for everyday decision making.


I’ll be back with more great tips on how you can make decisions the right way, or if you’re in a hurry and don’t want to wait for tomorrow’s course check out my website today.


To Your Success,






📬Subject 1: Start Making Decisions Lesson #3 – Blueprinting




Would you teach math the same way to Kindergarteners, High-schoolers, or College Students?


Of course you wouldn’t, each of these individual groups is going to require a totally different approach when it comes to learning math at the level that each of these groups is looking for and needs.


The same holds true for problem solving. As you’ve already learned you have 5 tools to help you solve your easier problems quicker.


Now, to solve some of the harder and tougher decisions you might have, we are going to talk about blueprinting.


You couldn’t build a housing complex or an apartment building without blueprints. The same goes for the tough decisions you need to make.


To make your blueprint you must state your problem and try to write it out. Can you state you problem in one paragraph?


After you state your problem, you must gather enough information to effectively solve your problem. Is time a factor? Do you have a deadline?


If you have 10 hours to solve a problem, take about 2 hours to do your research.


Intuition is your next factor it takes to make the right decision. With intuition you can always feel confident in the solutions you come to. You will never have to second guess.


You need intuition to make the right choice and to know you made the best choice possible.


If you are lacking in intuition you need to make the decisions you want and make the right choices, you can train yourself and gain the intuition you need to make these tough decisions.


Be sure you take notes so you can remember what to focus on in when you make your decisions.


I’ll be back with more great tips on how you can make your decisions the right decisions, or if you’re in a hurry and don’t want to wait for tomorrow’s course check out my website today.


To Your Success,






📬Subject 1: Start Making Decisions Lesson #4 – Right Brain Thinker




Everybody is considered either a left, or right brain thinker. We are going to become right brainers.


The left hand side of you brain is all logic, but the right side, that’s where the magic happens.


The right side of the brain is responsible for a persons creativity. Studies show that when a person is given a problem, the right hemisphere reacts 4/10 of a second faster.


You’ve only got that 4/10 of a second to make the magic happen.


Here are some things to consider.

  • Most people are left brain thinkers
  • Stress shuts down the right brain
  • Work hard to relax the right brain
  • Exercising and naps help a lot


Creative daydreaming is a great way to think of possible solutions and helping to stimulate your right brain.


Imagine yourself finding the solution to your problem. You can even use role models.


Imagine What your role model would do in that situation. A lot of times, you too can do the same thing!


I’ll be back with more great tips on how you can make your decisions the right decisions, or if you’re in a hurry and don’t want to wait for tomorrow’s course check out my website today.


To Your Success,






📬Subject 1: Start Making Decisions Lesson #5 – Mapping It Out




So, how do you logically solve a problem? Is there any easy step by step process?


Fortunately for you, there is, and I am going to show you how.


The first tool may sound silly, but it works and helps to stimulate your brain.


Flipping a coin is a great way of doing this, but here’s the catch, you flip the coin first and after it lands, you must assign one of the choices to that side.


This will help you figure out your pros and cons to each choice you have and then you will weigh out the benefits!


Next, you can create a checklist. This will help you to map out everything you need done in a orderly fashion and it will help you complete all of your decision making tasks in a timely manner.


Quantified evaluations also work very well when it comes to solving our problems.


Make 2 columns… Pros and Cons


eg. Buying a Guitar

Pros Cons 1.Materials 1.Price 2.Tone 2.Availability 3.Quality 3.Finish


Rate each of the groups on a 1-10 scale. Add it up and divide by the factors to find out which outweighs the others.


Lastly, you could take the multiple choice approach. Map out each choice and give it a number.


How well does each choice score on a 1-10 scale?


Remember this is simply a tool to help you decide what’s more important for you to do. There are many more tools you can apply in your life. Start Making Decisions is a home study course dedicated to helping you become the best version of yourself. It’s more than just making decisions, it’s about achieving a life goal and working towards it every day.


Be sure to visit the main site and we’ll go through everything you need to know about making smart decisions that will guide you through your life.


To Your Success,



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