Effluence is an AI solution that enables companies to produce personalised video content with the help of convincing influencers that were created by AI. Effluence2.0 offers a low-cost means of bridging the gap between influencers and companies thanks to its unique custom street-language module and cutting-edge ChatGPT4 technology.

A real influencer video cannot be distinguished from the AI-generated video content thanks to Effluence2.0’s hyper-realistic graphics pipeline.Depending on their needs, Effluence provides businesses with a variety of subscription models. These options include a basic beta subscription that entitles users to one message per Effluencer and location, an intermediate subscription that entitles users to five messages per Effluencer and location, and a full-service subscription that entitles users to unlimited messages per Effluencer and location.The success of Effluence’s personalised video content in enhancing consumer engagement and brand perception is attested to by reviews from pleased customers.

Ai Peng, a data-driven marketing scientist and the founder of Singapore’s Institute of DataFluent Communication, created Effluence with the support of a group of machine learning, data science, and marketing specialists.


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